As a client of the firm, your primary concern is the result we can obtain on your behalf. Our approach to handing legal matters is based entirely on moving your file towards the desired outcome in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Trusted Advice

Beginning with our first meeting, we gather the relevant facts, identify the legal issues, and provide you with our recommendations on how to proceed. Our role as trusted advisor continues throughout the life of your file so that you have the necessary resources to make informed decisions at each important point in the process.

Decisive Advocacy

Whether your matter is proceeding by way of negotiation, mediation, or formal courtroom litigation, we draw on our extensive expertise and knowledge of the law to advocate on your behalf. We assess the appropriate strategy for resolving your file, develop tactics for each important stage in the process, and ensure effective use of all available dispute resolution mechanisms.

Practical Solutions

We are experts in the law, but we also realize that you have to live with the real-world consequences of what happens in the boardroom or the courtroom. With that in mind, our firm is focused squarely on practical solutions, and from the earliest stages of your file we advise you of likely outcomes and work collaboratively with you to craft a legal strategy that will efficiently achieve your desired result.

Proven Results

The vast majority of family law, civil litigation, and estates matters are solved outside the courtroom. As seasoned negotiators we draw on our wealth of experience to ensure that your interests are advanced throughout the process and then properly documented in an agreement so that you can have certainty and predictability going forward.

Sometimes negotiations break down and, when they do, you need an advocate who feels at home in the courtroom. We are experienced trial lawyers, and we pride ourselves on creative and effective advocacy for those matters that do ultimately end up in court. We have an excellent record of arguing and winning complex and high-conflict litigation matters, and we consider our clients’ objectives to be our own.