Estate litigation is the area of law in which disputes are resolved in relation to wills, power of attorney documents, mental/physical incapacity, and trusts. Sadly, when a person passes away or loses the ability to make decisions on his or her own behalf, it is increasingly common for legal disputes to arise with respect to financial issues, decision-making authority, and other related matters. Our office provides comprehensive estate litigation services relating to all of these issues, with specific strengths in courtroom advocacy concerning decisional capacity, undue influence, fraud, forgery, and suspicious circumstances.

The firm provides services in all areas of estate litigation including the following:

  • Contested wills and/or will challenges;
  • Power of attorney disputes;
  • Estate trustee and executor disputes;
  • Passing of accounts or matters relating to fiduciary accounting;
  • Will interpretations;
  • Dependent support claims;
  • Guardianship claims;
  • Claims with respect to physical and/or mental incapacity;
  • Predatory marriages;
  • End-of-life treatment;
  • Medically-assisted death;
  • Dependents relief claims made under the Family Law Act;
  • Variations of trusts;
  • Mental incompetency litigation; and
  • Applications under the Substitute Decisions Act.

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