Civil litigation is the court process where parties resolve private disputes in which one person claims that another has caused some type of harm. In general, the goal in civil litigation is to compensate the party that was harmed, typically in the form of monetary compensation or by requiring a person to take or refrain from some specific action.

Successful litigation requires that we not only consider the facts and the applicable law but that we also make effective use of the available pre-trial steps in the process and alternative forms of dispute resolution when such mechanisms are appropriate. Our office works closely with you to understand the issues, identify areas of potential risk exposure, and then craft a successful and cost-effective plan to strategically move your matter forward with precision.

Our office provides services in all areas of civil litigation including the following:

    • Contract and commercial disputes;
    • Landlord and tenant disputes;
    • Payment into court and payment out of court;
    • Debt collection;
    • Real estate and mortgage disputes;
    • Power of sale and foreclosure;
    • Construction lien and builder disputes;
    • Employment and wrongful dismissal;
    • Small claims court matters;
    • Shareholder and partnership disputes; and
    • Professional negligence.

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